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The Relac Riders Club was formed on 12th August 2014. It was only 5 riders gliding on the road. As years and months passed by, the group grew bigger, stronger, funnier with more events and rides picking up. As of now, we are currently standing at 30 over members with 5 key members in our riding club and still on the rise for more new members to join in! Majority of the riders are staying in the east. We ride, we chill, we try our best to make this club the most interesting and enjoyable as much as every member to be in with us. Every individual is different, but we have bonded as one to its fullest. Our objectives are simple yet achievable. We have main rides, small rides and food rides. It would usually last around 4 hrs on each main ride.

Main rides - Happening every 1-2 weeks on a Friday or Saturday, rolling out at 9.30pm night. More of a get together catching up session, we ride for leisure and food.

Small rides - In between the dates of our main ride, in a smaller number of riders, mostly organised by fellow members for either training purposes or having the urge to kick their pedals.

Food rides - Ride organised mainly just for dinner or supper. At times we would just meet up for either "Kopi" sessions or dinner gathering.

We look forward to seeing new faces in experiencing true bonding and making the cycling sport into a more flexible style by our ways.


Colin Wong,
Founder & President, Relac Riders



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