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The first overseas ride for RR was cloudy but still super hot, the climbs were hard and almost never-ending but ultimately, we were able to conquer the Bintan hills with pride and glory. I could see the profound sense of accomplishment in the smiles as we devoured the sumptuous food at a rather epic seaside view overlooking the jetty. I look forward to more overseas ride with this bunch!

- Keith

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What's the charm of this group after spending about 2 years with them? Well..for me, it's the simplicity of how folks get together to have fun over Friday or Saturday night, to share our hobby with one another and to relieve our stress after a week at work. To enjoy the thrill of speed and freedom, which is inexpensive to attain. This group comprises of good people from diverse background: from a talented musician enjoying bunny hopping, to semi-retired but super fit taxi uncle riding a high end TT, to the high rolling banker who had upgraded to a Ferrari recently.  Everyone comes together to share a common passion - to ride our bikes.

Being a casual group, if your expectation is the TDF standard of peloton riding disciplines, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. However if you simply wish to have a relaxing group ride, RRC is for you! Join group A if you have the urge & stamina for more intensive average speed of 35-40km/h or group B which slacks behind with music playing in the background. Whichever group you join, the slogan of RRC is "We leave no man or woman behind". Therefore regardless if you have a $100 bike or your rig has full CeramicSpeed setup, I'm sure you will able to find a place within RRC. Hope to see you soon.

- William

Excellent teamwork and it's good to know this group of awesome riding mate in the east. It's totally worth making the effort to come out and have a ride with them. Looking forward to the next main ride!

- Veronica

Came across this relac riders group in togoparts forum as I needed some exercise. Went for the first ride and got to know them, as I join more and more often, I can only conclude that they are a bunch of crazy fellows...hahaha. Definitely a group i never regret joining. Cycling never dies!!!! :D


- Ken Soh

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