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While we would strongly encourage and do hope that all members to join our weekly main rides, we would like to share that inactive riders would be removed from the group.

Any members that has NOT attended any of our organized weekly MIAN RIDES for a period of 90 days or more would be deem as inactive riders.

Kindly contact any of the club committee members shall you need to be excused from joining our main rides due to unfit for riding with medical conditions, overseas for a a period of time, or any other personal reasons to be deem valid by us.

Thank you for your understanding and hope to see you again in our weekly rides soon! :)


Riding with us

- Front & Rear lights are COMPULSORY for visibility at night.

- Helmets are COMPULSORY for your own safety.

- Please bring along extra cash, for food and drinks or in case you need a taxi.

- DO NOT overtake the group leader.

- DO NOT fall behind group sweeper.

- Please inform the sweeper should you decide to fall out or break-off during the ride.

- If approaching an orange/red lights, the leader may not stop safely, riders behind should NOT follow. Don’t worry about getting separated, we’ll slow down ahead and re-group.

- Please pass signals from others up and down the line, as the riders at one end of the group may not have heard or seen a signal from the other end.

- The leader may moderate the cruising speed accordingly.

- The leader may signal to ride in two-abreast formation to shorten the length of the group or for better visibility on the road. Safety reasons!


Please note that the club reserves the right, at any time in our sole discretion, to modify our policies with or without notice.